Canadian Return Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Manage your Returns

Reverse logistics has become an area of high priority for companies looking to add efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. As a result, manufacturers are reognizing the importance of streamlining the return, repair and product reallocation processes.

Reverse logistics is notorious for consuming a large portion of manufacturers’ and retailers’ time, money, and resources. Canadian Return Logistics can help minimize all the above.



Canadian Return Logistics

CRL offers the focus and core competencies required to operate a comprehensive reverse logistics program. Companies partnering with CRL gain the expertise, leadership, and experience required to start and maintain a reverse logistics process that delivers bottom-line results.

Outsourcing reverse logistics to CRL enables your company to focus on doing what you do best: produce and sell goods. CRL can offer an outright purchase of your returns or assist in processing, reporting, and redistributing to markets of your choice.

Benefits of Effective Returns Management

  • Maximize value from returns.
  • Minimize cost from handling, processing and storing returns.
  • Increase efficiency and velocity of returns process.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce waste – adhere to environmental standards – think green.